Sunlinksea Mountain Tea, Premium Taiwan Green Tea (Chinese Tea)

Product Introduction
Sunlinksea Mountain locate at elevation of 1100~1600m, is one of tea growing area in Lugu. Sunlinksea located in Taiwan Da’an saddle, Chushan Township, which elevation is over 1800 meters, belongs to Taiwan central mountain. Weather is cool & fuggy in Sunlinksea  during foour seasons that makes Sunlinksea mountain tea full of flavor. Sunlinksea tea is clear and fresh. After drinking, the mountain flavor will then spread into mouth and sweat after taste. After drink, the tea cup will exudes fresh elegance flower flavor.
Usage & Dosage

Elevation: 1300m

Process Temperature: around  90C

Brewing Time: 40-50 sec (adjusted with personnel favor)

No. of Brewing : around 8 times

Please do not expose to sun or place in high-temperature or humidity environment.


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